Luke’s Nativity

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Nativity – Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus visited by Shepherds & heavenly host.
MDF cutouts traced around members of The Corner UC & fabric. Artist – Mark A Hewitt. 2015
Manger traditional half round galvanised Australian farm trough.
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Luke 2:1-20

During the Yr C 2015 Advent season The Corner Uniting Church left the lectionary and followed Luke’s telling of the Nativity from beginning to end. Each week characters were revealed to us as the story unfolds. Elizabeth & Zechariah, Mary & Joseph, Shepherds & Angels. Most of them – except the angels. Are ‘people like us’. They are ‘people like us’ in other ways too. Each character has been traced around a member of the congregation. Their persons have been left unadorned Except for a piece of cloth to symbolize who they represent. Their features are not shown because it could be our face hands & feet. It could have been any one of us in this story. As God’s story it Is the story of ordinary people in extra ordinary situations. Each week prayers were added to the Manger to create a bedding of prayers. Prayers of HOPE, LOVE, PEACE & JOY, were written onto strips of straw coloured pieces of paper.

Elizabeth & Zechariah visited by Archangel Gabriel.

Zechariah silenced for not believing.
Mark A Hewitt. 2015
Advent 1 Luke 1:5-24

Mary, Joseph visited by Archangel Gabriel.
Mark A Hewitt. 2015
Advent 2. Luke 1:26-38

Mary visits Elizabeth.
Mark A Hewitt 2015
Advent 3 Luke 1:39-45 (46-55)

Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus visited by Simeon & Anna.
Mark A Hewitt.2015
Manger traditional half round galvanised Australian farm trough filled with prayers of the Advent season.
Christmas 1. Luke 2:22-40