Ash through Lent

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As Ash Wednesday occurred during the South Australian bushfire season, and that Bushfires are now a part of our landscape. I reflected on the two events and their shared imagery of ash, fire and being burnt. How this then fed into Easter, the devastation of Good Friday and new life of Easter Day.

We started the season with an Ash Wednesday service with the ash of burnt palms from an earlier Palm Sunday. Ash crosses made on our foreheads as mark of devotion. Each week during Lent we will have Charcoal (burnt willow stick) illustration linked to lectionary readings.

Landscape along Oodnadatta Track, South Australia. Charcoal drawing, Mark A Hewitt, Feb 2016.
Lent 1 Yr C, Jesus in the wilderness, Luke 4:1-13.

Cleansing Fire, Charcoal drawing with added digital colour, Mark A Hewitt, Feb 2016.
Lent 2 Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18. Covenant between God, Abram & Sarai sealed with fire.