New Growth

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Sampson Flat Bushfire. 2-9 January 2015. 12 month regrowth. Kersbrook to One Tree Hill Road. Looking across Humbug Scrub.

Easter Day
I travelled around the area burnt out by bushfire which is just outside the Adelaide city boundary for the first time – 5 weeks after the fire. I kept to the main roads quite an expansive area was burnt. The fire was not sparing and appeared random. The burnt landscape was all around. The fire lapping up to fences, up to the edge of school playground. Burning right up to waters edge of the Millbrook Reservoir. There was burnt earth & rocks, burnt trees & sticks, you could see the texture of the soil. All its little bumps & divots. The surface of the earth was exposed. Not only was the tree canopy missing but so was the undergrowth, the leaf litter, that thick blanket of natural mulch that protects the earth. All gone!
1 year later the burnt landscape was transformed. I struggled to find the point in which I photographed panoramas of humbug scrub. I had to rely on a rock I placed where my tripod was set up. Then had to move may vantage point as the new growth of the trees next to me blocked out by view. A New landscape was emerging before me. Built on what was there before. But this was new. Changed. It was not the same. What was there before was beautiful. What is now taking shape is also beautiful.

As a metaphor for events of Easter, Jesus was thrown into the fire & burnt on Good Friday.
Betrayed & abandoned by many. Left to the authorities who collaborated in power & did their worst.
Yet death did not stop Jesus.

John 20:1–18 is clear!
Jesus is not to be found among the dead, but among the living.
New Life has burst forth.