Pentecost: like wind, like fire

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Like Wind, like fire. © Mark Hewitt. Acrylic on paper 2017.

With Like Wind, Like Fire, I imagine the Spirit’s arrival like a spark that is immediately fanned by the winds, it roars forward, sweeping through the landscape. Not unlike a bushfire. Yet this fire is not to be feared, it is not destructive but life bringing, life that would not otherwise take place. This is not unlike the Spirit’s action in our own life or in that of our Church. That is if we do not work hard to hinder or curb it. The Spirit of God will lead us into places, situations, that we could never have planned or believed ourselves capable. It will spark something to life that consumes us, in a good way. We need not fear but trust God. God knows what we are capable of more so than our self. May I suggest you spend some time gazing at the painting Like Wind, Like Fire, then read Acts 2:1-21. Reflect on the text, writing down key words that stand out. Then gaze again on Like Wind, Like Fire. Reflect again, what are any new insights? Is the Spirit of God leading you into something new or reaffirming a path you are currently on? You may wish to document that before entering a time of prayer.

Loving Creator,
Flame of justice,
blow your Spirit upon us,
send it to challenge and comfort us,
let it be the lifeblood that pulses through our veins,
that we might be made whole and new. Amen.

© Seasons of the Spirit 4 June 17

Like Wind, like fire. Prayerful colouring © Mark Hewitt. 2017. Download to print & colour in for personal prayer.