River Sunday

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Untitled, ©Nina Luscombe 2017, Watercolour on paper

As our last week of the season of creation we have had a focus on rivers, and on water.

Water is life for us as humans but also for our creation. It was the beginning of life and the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and the beginning of new life for us through baptism. But water is a resource we have not always looked after and appreciated.

Water can be gentle, still and peaceful, but water is powerful. With enough time water can wear away a mountain, or smooth the edges of a rough stone. With enough small moments and small steps, God can smooth the rough edges in our lives and transform us.

With enough small moments and steps we can help transform others lives. And with enough small actions by enough people we can help to positively transform creation.

Nina Luscombe, 24 September 2017
at The Corner Uniting Church, Warradale, South Australia.

In Genesis 1:26-28 God makes humankind in God’s image and gives humanity rule over all creation. At times, this has been used as justification to use the earth for our own purposes and profit. But we can understand ‘rule’ over creation as responsibility for creation. That we are called to not to be rulers over this world but caretakers of it.


This morning we have a focus on water. Water that is life.

Water that makes up 60% of the human body.

And the human body can only survive about 3 days without.

Water that is 70% of our earth.

96.5% of it in the oceans.

And only 1% of it drinkable and accessible.

Water that is life that we cannot live without.

And water that we fail to take care of at times.

Water that isn’t safe and accessible for 663million people on the earth.

Water that 70% of industrial waste in developing countries is dumped into untreated.

Water that is too polluted in 40% of lakes in the US to sustain aquatic life.

Water that 6 million tons of garbage, mostly plastic is dumped into every year.

Water that is so unsafe to drink it kills more people every year that all forms of violence, including war.


This morning we take time to pray for creation, not just water but the whole earth. And to pray for those people affected by the impacts of climate change, pollution, erosion, land clearing, extinction of animals, floods, cyclones, droughts and many more things.

Time for reflection

We finish this time of prayer not in despair of the state of our world by with hope of the small actions we can take to make a difference and with the knowledge that small actions by everyday people all over the world can make change.



-Nina Luscombe 2017