Advent 3 – 2017

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Nativity Set Reveals, video, The Corner Uniting Church, 2017.

Christmas is a Religious festival Yet our secular world has embraced it and taken it as their own.


Its expressed in the Psalm. Our lives are often sad and at times so hard. And we want to be happy. God wants us to be happy.


An answer is all there in the nativity scene. In Christmas, in the Nativity scene in our Nativity sets Is a sign a symbol of pointing to the story we celebrate. It is the story of Jesus birth. A story of new life, hope & joy. A universal message that every ones wants to have break through into busy & often hard lives, even if only once a year.

Song of Happiness

Based on Psalm 126


What a crowd! The people of Israel were coming from far and near. They were making their way to Jerusalem.

They were remembering all that God had done for them.

They were remembering the time

when the people were finally free to come home to Jerusalem again, after living in a foreign country for so long,

away from everything they loved.

Fields and gardens were planted, houses were built,

and people had a vision of their temple restored.

God, indeed, had done wonders.

At last, their destination was in sight.

They could see the gates of Jerusalem just ahead.

From the crowd came songs of happiness and thanksgiving.


A Song of Happiness

When God made us happy again,

it was as if we awoke from a dream.

Then we laughed and we sang,

we shouted for joy,

because God was so good to us!


We were sad and our lives were so hard,

but we planted our seeds and we prayed.

Then God blessed the seeds and they grew.

So we laughed and we sang,

we shouted for joy,

because God was so good to us!


May all hurting people learn how to laugh,

when they find they don’t hurt anymore.

May the ones who are hungry shout for joy,

when they find good food to eat.


The people continued to relive their memories through their singing. Yes, what God had done before, God would do again.


“A Song of Happiness” Lectionary Story Bible: Year C

by Ralph Milton. Copyright © 2009 Wood Lake Publishing Inc.

Giver of joy,
fill our hearts with praise.
As your light fills the room,
pushing out the darkness,
so, too, let your light shine within us
that there is no shadow of fear left within us in this hour.
Remind us of your presence
and your faithfulness in all times and all places.
Let your light shine through us,
illuminating your way in this not-yet-perfected world.



-© Seasons of the Spirit

No colouring sheet this week as we enjoyed ‘Guinea Pigs in the Manger’, performed by The Corner Kids Performing Arts.  See the cheeky guinea pigs in in the nativity in the stop motion above.

© Mark Hewitt