Lenten Fasting

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What are you reflecting on and fasting from this coming week of lent?

Wed – 14th Feb


Is your life so hectic you barely have
a moment to breathe?

Dear God
It’s so easy to get caught up in
busyness, rushing from task to task,
appointment to appointment,
conversation to conversation. Some
days, I can go for long periods when
I completely forget about you, God,
and I’m sorry for that. Please help
me to slow down and be still each
day. Help me to choose to do the
things you want me to do, and let go
of the things I don’t need.

Thurs – 15th Feb


Have you ever decided something or
someone was no good because of a

Dear God
There are times I zero in on what is
wrong with something and get
annoyed, even angry. I can find myself
rejecting the whole thing as hopeless
and no good. Please help me to
remember that perfection is never the
point, and that when I focus on what’s
wrong with something or someone, I
completely miss out on what’s right.
Help me see the world through your
loving and forgiving eyes.

Fri – 16th Feb

Remaining silent about injustice

Have you ever noticed an injustice
(personal, local or global) and
decided it was too hard to do
anything about?

Dear God
All around the world people are
being treated unjustly. Sometimes I
feel as if I’m just one person so how
can I make a difference? Help me to
know when to speak up and act, and
please give me the courage to do so
even if I feel scared, uncomfortable
or unmotivated.

Sat – 17th Feb

Trusting in my own wisdom
rather than God’s wisdom

Have you ever forgotten to trust
God’s wisdom and leant solely on
your own?

Wise and Gracious God
So often I get caught up with my own
plans, opinions and timetable, and
forget to turn to you for guidance.
Please help me to remember that
you are the source of all wisdom,
and grant me the humility to seek
your help at all times.