Lenten Fasting

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We’ve already been reflecting on our fasting for 4 days of lent.  What will you be considering for the next week – days 5 through 10?

Mon – 19th Feb

Holding grudges

Are you holding a grudge against

Loving God
I long for peace, but someone did
something to me and I’m finding it
very hard to forgive them. Help me
to remember that you graciously
offer your forgiveness to everyone.
Please grant me the willingness to
forgive this person so that we may
both be free and at peace.

Tues – 20th Feb

Hopelessness and despair

Have you ever felt hopeless about a

Dear God
You call us to be a people of faith, to
trust in you and hope for a better
world. Yet sometimes, I fall into
despair and feel as if there is no
solution to my problems. At these
times, please help me to trust you
more, lean on you more, and listen
carefully to your words of wisdom.
Grant me clear sight that I may see
the way forward.

Wed – 21st Feb

Hating my enemy

Is there someone you really don’t like?
It could be someone you know
personally, a group of people, or
strangers who are different from you.

God of All
There are some people I truly dislike
and I want nothing to do with them.
Loving them seems not only
impossible, I don’t really want to do it.
Help me to remember that you love
everyone, even people I don’t like.
Help me to understand the deeper
meaning of love so that I may find a
way to want what’s best for others,
even if we never see eye to eye.

Thurs – 22nd Feb

Doing things I don’t want to do
just to be accepted

Have you even gone along with the
crowd just to fit in?

Gracious God
Sometimes I go along with the crowd
because I want to be accepted. I’ll
agree with things I don’t agree with,
and go along with plans I don’t like.
Teach me to know that my needs
matter as much as anyone else’s.
Help me to value and accept myself
as a worthwhile person, and grant
me the courage to use the voice you
gave me.

Fri – 23rd Feb

Forgetting about nature

Have you ever gone through a whole
day without once stopping to notice

Dear God
Sometimes I rush about from the
moment I get up to the moment I fall
asleep. At other times, I get so lost in
my thoughts, I forget to look outside
myself and experience the wondrous
world you created. Please help me
to stop and take notice of the beauty
around me. May your creation feed
my soul.

Sat – 24th Feb

Using the words should, must
and ought

When did you last use the word
should, must or ought?

Compassionate God
When I’m stressed, it’s easy for me
to focus on how I believe other
people should think or what they
should do. Sometimes I turn those
‘shoulds’ on myself, telling myself off
for not doing or saying what I think I
ought. Please help me to cultivate a
compassionate heart for myself and
for others.