Lenten Fasting

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A quarter of the way through lent.  What are you fasting on this season?

Mon – 26th Feb

Not including people

Have you ever become so absorbed in
your own friendship group, you forgot
to welcome a stranger?

Dear God
I know you want us to welcome the
stranger, but I feel most comfortable
with my own friends and family.
Speaking to someone new makes me
nervous, and anyway, others are better
at it than me. Help me remember that
when I welcome the stranger, I
welcome you. Please grant me the
courage to approach someone I don’t
know, and help me to find words of

Tues – 27th Feb

Comparing myself to others

Have you ever compared yourself to
someone else and thought you
weren’t as good as them? Or
perhaps you thought you were better
than them?

Dear God
Help me remember that you made
each one of us unique. When I’m
tempted to compare myself to
others, help me to accept myself just
as I am. And grant me the ability to
appreciate others for who they are.

Wed – 28th Feb


What is something trivial you have
complained about this week?

Dear God
When I’m feeling grumpy and
irritable, it’s easy for me to focus on
the things that annoy me. But when I
do so, I miss out on all the amazing
things – big and small – that are
happening in the world you created.
Please help me to keep my eyes on
you. Help me choose to see what is
good, and appreciate the gift that is
my life.

Thurs – 1st March

Being a stickler for rules

Have you ever put rules before

Dear God
From time to time, I get hung up on
how things should be done, and
forget that being kind to people
comes first. Help me to know when
rules are important to keep and
when it’s okay to relax them. And
help me live by the most important
rule of all: to love one another as you
love us.

Fri – 2nd March

Holding onto control

Is there something you are trying very
hard to keep control of? Does letting go
feel scary or unthinkable?

Ever-present God
Sometimes I forget that you see things
from a bird’s eye view while I’m on the
ground only able to see a situation
from my own perspective. At those
times, I can hang onto control and not
let anyone else in just in case they
mess up my plans. Help me to relax
my grip and trust you more. May the
breath of the Holy Spirit flow through
my life, making things turn out infinitely
better in accordance with your will.

Sat – 3rd March

Making assumptions

When did you last make an
assumption about someone only to
discover you were wrong?

Dear God
There are times I’ve been unfair to
others. I’ve been quick to jump to
wrong conclusions without taking the
time to properly check what was
going on. Help me to become more
aware of when I’ve made a false
assumption so that I can pause and
ask for your guidance. Grant me the
willingness to welcome all people
and situations with an open heart
and an open mind.

Sun – 4th March