Contemplate God’s Glory

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The heavens are telling the Glory of God, Psalm19, ©Mark Hewitt 1996

This is an ancient poem found amongst the psalms.  It is recognied as part of the Wisdom literature, scattered through the bible.  Wisdom is defined as the ability to make sound judgements on what we know, especially as it relates to life & conduct.

We have so much scientific knowledge now to help us with our decisions.  But in ancient understanding, when this poem was written, the universe was deeply at it’s core.  All things were the product of either the will of God or of human decisions.

So this is a poem that is to help us in how we live our life.  Psalm 19 offers a view of the universe as something more than an object to be studied and controlled.  Creation is not divine but an incomprehensible part of God.

So, look around.  God’s love for us is seen in the world around us.  In the beauty of creation. What you see revealed – put that to prayer, listen to the small still voice, if your heart is warmed – it is of God.

Mark Hewitt, 4 March 2018
at The Corner Uniting Church, Warradale, South Australia.

Psalm 19 (CEV – adapted)

19 The heavens keep telling
the wonders of God,
and the skies declare
what God has done.
Each day informs
the following day;
each night announces
to the next.
They don’t speak a word,
and there is never
the sound of a voice.
Yet their message reaches
all the earth,
and it travels
around the world.

In the heavens a tent
is set up for the sun.
It rises like a bridegroom
and gets ready like a hero
eager to run a race.
It travels all the way
across the sky.
Nothing hides from its heat.

The Law of the Lord is perfect;
it gives us new life.
God’s teachings last forever,
and they give wisdom
to ordinary people.

The Lord’s instruction is right;
it makes our hearts glad.
God’s commands shine brightly,
and they give us light.


Worshiping the Lord is sacred;
God will always be worshiped.
All of God’s decisions
are correct and fair.
10 They are worth more
than the finest gold
and are sweeter than honey
from a honeycomb.

11 By your teachings, Lord,
I am warned;
by obeying them,
I am greatly rewarded.
12 None of us know our faults.
Forgive me when I sin
without knowing it.
13 Don’t let me do wrong
on purpose, Lord,
or let sin have control
over my life.
Then I will be innocent,
and not guilty
of some terrible fault.

14 Let my words and my thoughts
be pleasing to you, Lord,
because you are my mighty rock
and my protector.

Holy God,
your light is brighter than the noonday sun,
and brightens our paths
in the shadows of the world.
Grant us a singleness of purpose
to put aside the things of this world
and focus solely on you,
that in doing so we may come
to a fuller understanding of who we are
and whose we are.
Embrace us in your grace
that we may unify our minds, hearts, and souls
in recognition that you, God,
have made all things for us.
From the rising and setting of the sun
to the bloom of the smallest flower,
may we recognize your magnificent love for us
in all of creation. Amen.

Seasons of the Spirit – 4th March 2018

The heavens are telling the glory of God, Prayerful Colouring, ©Mark Hewitt 2017

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