Lenten Fasting

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Day 17 to 22 of our Lenten Reflections:

Mon – 5th March

Hiding my gifts

Have you been holding back from
sharing your gifts? Do you fear you’re
not good enough? That people might
criticise you or expect too much from
you? Perhaps you think you don’t have
any gifts?

Patient God
I know you’ve given me a gift, but I’m
afraid to use it in case people judge
me. Help me to remember that you
gave me this gift to share with others,
and that I am the channel through
which your gifts flow. For those times
I’m not sure exactly what my gift is,
show me so that I can use it to spread
your love to the world.

Tues – 6th March

Getting Even

Have you ever felt the urge to pay
someone back?

Forgiving God
Sometimes, when someone hurts
me, I want to pay them back with
actions or sharp words. Getting even
makes me feel better for a while, but
afterwards, I feel awful. Please help
me to forgive those who hurt me just
as you forgive me for the things I
have done.

Wed – 7th March

Believing I’m not good enough

Have you ever felt you weren’t good
enough? Have you rejected an offer of
friendship because you feared they’d
discover you weren’t enough? Have\
you kept silent because you thought
your opinion was unimportant?

Dear God
Sometimes my fears take over and I
feel as if I’m not good enough. Help
me to understand that when you
created humankind, you saw that it
was good. And that includes me. May
your love transform my negative
thoughts and feelings so that I can
see myself as I truly am – loveable
and worthwhile. Amen

Thurs – 8th March

Feeling sorry for myself

Have you ever wallowed in self-pity?

Dear God
There are times I wallow in self-pity. I
catch myself feeding my bad feelings
and working myself up into a state. If
I’m honest, I might even get a
perverse sense of enjoyment out of
dwelling on how hard done by I’ve
been. Please renew my thoughts
and feelings, and open my eyes to
the good things in life.

Fri – 9th March

Resisting change

Have you resisted change recently
(big or small)?

Dear God
Change can make me feel
uncomfortable and unsafe.
Sometimes, I get angry and refuse to
even consider if the change might be
good for me. Please help me to let
go of pre-conceived notions of how
things should be. Transform my rigid
thoughts and grant me the
willingness to explore new options.
May you protect and guide me as I
wrestle with the challenges of

Sat – 10th March

Doing it all by myself

Have you ever needed help but not
asked for it?

Dear God
Sometimes it’s hard for me to ask for
help, let alone receive it. I feel like
I’m putting people out, and it can
make me feel beholden. Help me to
remember that as Christians, we are
the body of Christ. We only work
properly together when each
member gives and receives
according to their gifts and needs.
Help me to let go of control and
receive help when I need it.

Sun – 11th March