Lenten Fasting

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We’re over half way through Lent.  How are you going?

Mon – 12th March

Saying to myself, ‘What will
people think?’

Have you ever stopped yourself from
doing something because of what
people might think?

Dear God
Sometimes I’m afraid of what people
might think. Please help me to
remember that the only opinion that
matters is yours. Help me look to you
for guidance rather than listening to
others whose fears may be clouding
their judgement. Grant me the
wisdom to know when you are
speaking through others, and grant\
me the strength to carry out your will.

Tues – 13th March

Coveting my neighbours’
possessions (wishing for the
things other people have)

Have you ever wanted something
someone else had?

Dear God
Even when I have enough to live on,
I look at what others have and I want
even more. I might feel jealous, or
greed might get the better of me.
Please help me be grateful for what I
do have, and happy for others for
what they have. May you help me
remember I have enough and I am

Wed – 14th March

Avoiding boredom

Do you search for something to
distract yourself the moment you get

Dear God
Help me to understand that boredom
isn’t necessarily a disease to be
cured. When I choose to fill my life
with distractions, there’s no room left
for you to speak to me. Please show
me the gift hidden inside boredom –
that it’s a sign I need to spend more
time with you where I can simply be.
Grant me the patience to sit with my
boredom so I can receive any
messages you have for me today.

Thurs – 15th March

Worrying about things I can’t

Have you ever lain awake at night
worrying about something?

Dear God
Sometimes my head is filled with
worries. Some are about little things
while others are about big problems
that I feel powerless to fix. Today, I
lay my worries before you and leave
them in your care. Please watch
over those in need of your protection
and guidance, and grant me peace.

Fri – 16th March


Have you ever gossiped about

Loving God
I know I’m not supposed to gossip, but
it’s fun and it can make me feel
important to share a juicy piece of
information. Please help me to
remember to treat all people with
respect, and that includes protecting
their privacy. Forgive me for those
times I’ve gossiped. And help me to
know deep in my heart that my sense
of self-worth and belonging doesn’t
come from being the one with the
inside story. It comes from being your
beloved child.

Sat – 17th March

Judging Others

When have you judged someone in
the past week? For example, for
their clothes, hairstyle, politics, a
choice they made, or a belief they

Dear God
Please help me to remember that we
are all God’s children and that it is
not my job to judge another person,
it is my job to love them. Please help
me to forgive them, and help me
trust that you will guide them in the
right direction. Please guide me in
the right direction too.

Sun – 18th March