Lenten Fasting

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What will you be fasting from this week of lent?

Mon – 19th March

Judging myself

When have you been hard on
yourself this week?

Dear God
When I make mistakes, I sometimes
find it hard not to beat myself up
about it. Please help me to see
myself through your eyes so that I
may forgive myself. Help me
remember that love, not harsh
criticism, will help me make better
decisions in the future.

Tues – 20th March

Believing the ends justifies the
Have you ever done something a bit
dodgy and convinced yourself it was
okay because it was for a good

Dear God
When I know my goal is worthy,
there are times I’m tempted to do
something a bit dodgy to make sure
we get there. Help me to realise that
the end result doesn’t justify the
means. Help me to trust that you will
guide me.

Wed – 21st March

Not forgiving myself

Is there something you’re having
trouble forgiving yourself for –
something recent or from a long time
ago? What do you regret?

Dear God
I did something wrong, and I feel as if I
don’t deserve forgiveness, but I know
that you offer forgiveness to everyone.
Teach me to treat myself with
gentleness. Help me to understand that
you love me, and the more I love
myself, the more I can love others.
Grant me the willingness to forgive
myself. And if you desire me to make
amends, help me to do that too.

Thurs – 22nd March

Saying yes to everything

When is the last time you said yes to
something when you really needed
to say no for your own sake?

Dear God
Sometimes I allow other people’s
needs to overwhelm me to the point
where I forget about my own. Help
me to remember that you want me to
be cared for too, and that
sometimes, it’s okay to say no. Help
me to work out when to say yes and
when to say no.

Fri – 23rd March

Saying no too quickly

Have you ever missed out on an
opportunity because you said no too

Creator God
Sometimes when I get scared, my
automatic reflex is to say no – to
situations, opportunities, new ways
of doing things, and people. Help me
to grow in trust, knowing that you are
forever sending good things my way.
Grant me the ability to be open to
new opportunities.

Sat – 24th March


Is there something you’re impatient
to begin? Is there something you
can’t wait to end?

Dear God
Sometimes I desperately want to
race to the finish line. I’m either
trying to get through something as
fast as possible so I don’t have to
feel bad anymore, or I’m so excited
about something coming up, I forget
to appreciate the present moment.
Please help me to be present so I
can experience your loving

Sun – 25th March