Lenten Fasting

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It’s the final week of lent.  How has been the most relatable thing you’ve reflected on?

Mon – 26th March

A bad habit (insert your own)

How is this bad habit affecting you
and/or others?

Compassionate God
I have this bad habit, and it’s
harming me and maybe others too.
Please help me to see the real
reason I’m hanging onto this bad
habit, and help me to let it go.

Tues – 27th March

Rescuing others

Have you ever wanted to fix another
person’s problem when you really
needed to let them sort it out for

Dear God
Sometimes I feel an overwhelming
impulse to rescue people which ends
up robbing them of the chance to
grow and develop new skills and
confidence. Help me to know when
to step forward and when to step

Wed – 28th March

Thinking we must always be

Have you ever rushed to cheer
someone up (including yourself)
without first allowing them to express
their sadness?

Dear God
It’s hard not to listen when society tells
me I should be happy all the time. Yet
you gave us lots of different emotions
for a reason – joy, sadness, anger,
love, grief, hope and more. When I’m
tempted to push the uncomfortable
emotions away, please grant me the
strength to sit with them. And if
someone needs a listening ear, help
me to be that for them without forcing
them to cheer up. Amen

Thurs – 29th March

Turning away from someone
with an illness or disability

Have you ever avoided talking to
someone with an illness or disability
because you felt uncomfortable?

Dear God
I like to think of myself as someone
who is kind to people with an illness
or disability. But there are times I’ve
turned away because I didn’t know
what to say. Please help me to stop
concentrating on what a person
lacks, and instead appreciate and
love them for who they are and what
they have to give.

Fri – 30th March

Overthinking about the past
and/or the future

When have you dwelled on
something that happened in the past
or thought constantly about
something that may or may not
happen in the future?

Loving God
I often find myself drifting off, reliving
an incident that has occurred in the
past or planning for an event in the
future. When I do so, I miss out on
the gifts of the present moment.
Please help me to find some time
today to be still and quiet, for that is
where I’ll find you.

Sat – 31st March

Choosing fear over love

What scares you? Failure? Being
alone? Talking to strangers? The
threat of war? Losing your

Dear God
We live in a world that reminds me of
scary things every day. When others
are drawn into this fearful way of
thinking, that makes it even harder
for me to see things differently.
Please help me to remember that
love casts out fear, and that when I
invite you into my heart, my fear
melts away. May your peace spread
throughout the world.

Sun – 1st April


Lent is finished