Good Friday: Catastrophe upon us

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This land is familiar with fire & being burnt
Fire has also been used to manage this landscape
We started this Lenten journey in the bushfire season
Major fires had spread across the nation.
We now live in times where a virus,
like a fire front is spreading across the world.
We are going to use imagery of the fires
As a metaphor for the dark time that Jesus
Went through in his trials & execution on the Cross.
And also as a metaphor for the dark & difficult times in our own lives.

Prayer of Confession

God who never turns away from us in rejecting judgement,
We enter this day as the one
Where we are invited to look deeply into our lives.
Embrace us with your costly love as we face our realities –
The tough truth about ourselves
Which stands stark and clear before your cross.

Silent prayer

Loving Jesus, we grieve our constant failure to be your true people.
Our lives are often limited by our own concerns
And closed off by prejudice and ignorance.

 Silent prayer

Show us our self-righteousness as we tell ourselves
That we are the chosen ones in this world.
Break through our self-deception so that we may see ourselves
As ordinary human beings,
Those who share in the crucifying of good
And who are far more dependent
on your grace than we will ever own.

Silent prayer

Forgive us, O God:
For we know not what we do
and we know not what we have done.

Statement of Affirmation

God would rather die than stop loving us
And offers us forgiveness.
As we stand before the grandeur of this love,
Let us receive the pardon of the Christ
and live as people who walk in faith towards the Easter Day.

Good Friday: Crucifixion bound to a tree. Prayerful Colouring. Mark Hewitt