Day 5 – Animals

Genesis 1:20-25

God said, “I command the ocean to be full of living creatures, and I command birds to fly above the earth.”So God made the giant sea monsters and all the living creatures that swim in the ocean. They also made every kind of bird. God looked at what they had done, and it was good. Then God gave the living creatures a blessing—God told the ocean creatures to live everywhere in the ocean and the birds to live everywhere on earth. Evening came and then morning—that was the fifth day.

God said, “I command the earth to give life to all kinds of tame animals, wild animals, and reptiles.” And that’s what happened. God made every one of them. Then God looked at what they had done, and it was good.


There is such a diversity of animals in our world. They range from the largest animal on Earth, the blue whale to the smallest insect the fairy fly. 

There are many animals we cannot survive without. One of these is bees. They are essential to our food growth and food security. In Australia they pollinate up to two thirds of our agriculture.

On the table we have several foods that require the pollination of bees to grow, and some honey. Take some time to try each of them.


We know there are many animals struggling to survive in the world at the moment. 

Globally bees are in trouble. The use of pesticides, loss of habitat, drought, air pollution, mites (overseas) and other factors are contributing to bees numbers dropping.

One way to help is to have bee friendly plants in your garden.

Choose one of the discovery gardens plants to take home and plant in your garden to help the bees.


Couldn’t make it in person or want to continue this station at home?

Lots of fruits and vegetables require bees to pollinate them. Bees also make honey. Have a taste of some of the ones you have in your kitchen at home. Consider planting some bee friendly plants in your garden.

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