Day 6 – Humanity

Genesis 1: 26-31

God said, “Now we will make humans in our image, they will reflect our nature. We will make them responsible for the fish, the birds, and all other living creatures, and the Earth itself.”

God created humans like themself. God gave them a blessing: fill the Earth with people. Take control. Have responsibility  for the fish, the birds, and all other living creatures.I have provided all kinds of fruit and grain for you to eat. And I have given the green plants as food for everything else that breathes. These will be food for animals, both wild and tame, and for birds.

God looked at what they had done. All of it was very good! Evening came and then morning—that was the sixth day.


We can see in the bible verse above that God created humans to help look after and protect all of God’s creation. But protecting God’s creation can feel like a difficult task at times. There are so many things that need to be done. Sometimes we need to take a moment and remember we do not need to protect the Earth all on our own. The biggest impact comes when lots of people work together to create change.

Take a moment to think about Earth and for those who are working to take care of it.

Take a piece of paper, write your name on it, with the string tie it to the piece of wood hanging the world map. You may choose to tie it over a particular part of the world you think needs support.

Let it be a symbol of your commitment to look after the earth and a symbol of all of us working together.

At Home Variation

Couldn’t make it in person or want to continue this station at home?

Use a world map you have at home or access a digital version like the link below:

Place your hand, finger, or computer mouse over different areas of the map as think about those who are working to take care of the Earth. Pause over areas that you think need support.

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