Prayer Station – Mountain Journeys

Mountain Journeys


We all have journeys of our lives and journeys of our faith. These journeys include times of ups and downs, times when things feel easy and times when you feel a bit confused or lost.

Follow the arrows and go on your own journey around the church.

After your journey:

Did you try and finish as quickly as possible?

Did you take your time and look at what else was around? 

(Did you notice the Ooshies hidden around the church?)

Did you rush and try and beat everyone else? 

Did you stop and help someone who needed it?

How does this relate to how you live your life and faith journeys?

Go through the obstacle course again and choose to make the journey a different way.

~At Home Variation~

Go on an adventure through your house, garden or local suburb. After your journey, consider the above questions.

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