Prayer Station – Mountains Reflections

Mountain Reflections


Mountain top moments are times when we have felt close and connected with God. 

They can also be times when we have felt especially close or connected to a person, a community, to nature, or to ourselves.

Take some time to think about mountain top moments in your life.

Use the paper, pens, textas, pencils to write or draw about this moment, or think about it as you colour in.

Prompts or questions to help:

Describe the moment.

What emotions did you experience?

What did you learn about God, another person, nature or yourself?

How has this moment changed you?

~At Home Variation~

You may choose to write or draw as the above. Or download the colouring in sheet below.

You can also type some notes on your phone or just sit and think.

Mountain Colouring In

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