Prayer Station – Mountain Worries

Mountain Worries


Mountain tops can be moments to find peace and clarity. 

But for some they are places that represent fear, worry and anxiety.

Fear of what God might be saying to them.

Fear of what they may discover.

Worry they aren’t worthy for this experience.

Worry they aren’t good enough for God.

Anxiety about not making it to the mountain top again.

Pick up a rock.

Notice it’s weight, texture and cool exterior. As you do this think about your mountain fear, worries and anxieties.

Use the paint pens or permanent textas to write an affirmation or reassurance on the rock.

You might choose: ‘God loves me’, ‘I am enough’, ‘Loved’, ‘Worthy’, a heart shape etc.

Decorate it as much as you want. Take it home with you as a reminder when you find yourself feeling fear, worry of anxiety.

~At Home Variation~

Find a small but weight item around you home that you can hold to represent the weight that you may feel by holding onto worries. It could be a rock, door stop, or even something like a bag of sugar or flour.

If you have the capacity, you may choose to decorate it as above, or just hold it to reflect, noticing its weight, texture, and how it feels to hold.

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