God Loves Us

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Rainbow, ©Mark Hewitt 2018 There will be and have been storms in our own lives: floods of anxieties, times of being overwhelmed, of being flooded in & with life. Sometimes when it’s all too much. After the storms, after the damage…the rainbow will come. Suffering will be followed by the refreshing newness of the rainbow.

Lenten Fasting

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What are you reflecting on and fasting from this coming week of lent? Wed – 14th Feb Busyness Is your life so hectic you barely have a moment to breathe? Dear God It’s so easy to get caught up in busyness, rushing from task to task, appointment to appointment, conversation to conversation. Some days, I can go for long periods …

Lenten Fasting Cards

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For Lent this year, The Corner congregation has set up a Fasting Tree in the foyer. Fasting is often associated with eating sparingly. But in its broadest sense, fasting can be about abstaining from those things that distract us from God – habits, activities and attitudes. As there are 40 days of Lent, hanging from the tree are 40 examples …